Bhavin Enterprise

Bhavin Enterprise is one of the domestic markets and world's largest exporters of Fresh White Onion, Fresh Red Onion, Fresh Potato, Fresh Garlic, Peanuts, Cumin Seed, Rice, and Psyllium Husk, since 1994. Based in India, we have 16 years of experience in agriculture business. We handle the entire production process right from growing the produce to processing and packaging it for overseas markets. This ensures that our products meet the most stringent quality standards.

Our produce of fresh White Onion, fresh Red Onion and fresh Garlic are grown on our own farms in the heart of Gujarat . This fertile region is known as ‘Mahuva’ and the climatic and soil conditions are perfect for these crops. We monitor every stage of growth ensuring that the right amount of nutrients is added and ultimate care of the crops is undertaken.